Roller Conveyors, Belt Driven Roller Conveyor, Chain Driven Roller Conveyors, AQ Conveyor, Mumbai, India
Roller Conveyors, Belt Driven Roller Conveyor, Chain Driven Roller Conveyors, AQ Conveyor

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors
These roller conveyors generally have double or triple and sometimes multiple strands of chains running over fabricated frames and guides. They are used where positive transport of goods is required, and are often used in conjunction with roller conveyors where a change in direction is required. These roller conveyors are often employed for use in systems handling cartons or tote bins, but are also commonly found where movement of heavy loads such as pallets, drums, stillages and collapsible pallet boxes used in warehouses, manufacturing areas and in mail order or sorting houses. In certain situations where a product is irregularly shaped or has protrusions like feet and cannot be safely handled on other conveyor style then chain conveyors will often be used for the transporting job.
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