Shrink Chamber, Shrink Chambers, Conveyor For Packing Lines, Shrink Tunnel, Strapping Consumables, Mumbai, India
Shrink Chamber, Shrink Chambers, Conveyor For Packing Lines, Shrink Tunnel, Strapping Consumables

Shrink Chamber

Shrink Chamber
The sealing and shrinking in one operation. which is possible by shrink chamber, by visual operation. This shrink chamber can handle variety of sizes / shapes, no change parts. The chamber takes only 5 minutes to start with minimal electrical concept operation on single phase, required single phase power 15 Amp socket. Caster mounted for easy maneuverability. The sliding platform can be adjusted while working.
Technical Data SPS 3876 SPS 3268 SPS 4255
Seal Dimensions 300 x 450mm 420 x 550mm 600 x 840
Pcak Dimensions (Max) 250 x 400 x 150h mm 350 x 500 x 200h mm mm 500 x 750 x 200h mm
Power requirement 220V, single phase 220V, single phase 440, three Phase
Power Consumption 1.2 kw/hr 1.9 kw/hr 3 kw/hr
Machine Dimensions 1100mm x 600mm 1350mm x 780mm 1900mm x 950mm
Working Height 900mm 900mm 900
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